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Not to miss during your stay in the Auvergne ...

Tourisme à Brioude en Auvergne
Click on the different places on this map to discover the local activities we have selected for your enjoyment.

On site

  • Traditional mountain bike or with electric assistance rental. Jet ski.
  • Bike ride with road book picnic and hotel package.
  • Motorcycle ride with hotel, meals, and guide on one or more days package.
  • Jet ski package with hotel, jet rental, picnic and guide.
  • Fishing day with a professional.

Brioude town...

Among the places to visit in the city :

Maison du saumon, Brioude

La Maison du saumon
Place de la Résistance
43100 Brioude

hôtel de la dentelle, Brioude

L'Hôtel de la Dentelle
29 et 43 Rue du 4 septembre
43100 Brioude

> Find out more : Tourist Office of Brioude

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